Yesterday/Today/Tomorrow (Traceability is Credibility) is a conceptual participative work (duration: 18 months minimum), created by Bryan McCormack, with at its core the visualization of the European refugee crisis and above all, to give voice to a people who don't have one. A singular common voice for hundreds of thousands of people scattered across Europe, from over 30 nationalities (speaking as many languages) in majority children, often who can't read nor write.

This subject-matter has been photographed, filmed and commented-on across all media in recent years so creating a work on this, through passive voyeuristic cliches would be pointless, as only the refugees themselves can visualize and give voice to this humanitarian disaster. This work was created by the participation of refugees : each refugee receives 3 sheets of paper and colored pens and is invited to draw 3 sketches, one of their life before (Yesterday), one of their current life (Today) and one of their life imagined in the future (Tomorrow).

From the South to the North this work maps-out as a visual memory an exodus of a people :

Coming-off the refugee boats at the Hotspot camps on Greek islands to the refugee centers in the north of England. Hundreds and hundreds of refugees, in centers, camps, squats and shelters across Europe have participated in these drawings, in leaving their own trace, creating their own contemporary culture and voice whilst simultaneously losing all traceability of their inherited culture. Traceability is credibility, without it, the existence of a people disappears. Each refugee drawing counts. Each refugee drawing is a voice. Every voice counts.

This project has 2 sections :

(1) Installation and performance at the Venice Biennale 2017 : The installation created in-situ at the Fondazione Giorgio Cini is a hanging-sculpture made mainly from the drawings of refugees (and other basic materials) along with some video performance studies. The performance itself, also at the Fondazione Giorgio Cini, curated by Henry Bell with Bryan Mc Cormack, and featuring 45 Second Year Performance for Stage and Screen students at Sheffield Hallam University. Rooted in the traditions of Applied Theatre, the audience will be spect-actors in actualizing the drawings collected by Bryan McCormack. Participants will have the opportunity to sculpt their own creative provocation to the refugee art as well as creating a lived, embodied realization of the work. This performance will be another traceable artifact of the yesterdays, today's and tomorrows of the creators of the drawings but, by using these drawings as a starting point for lived debate, in the style of Augusto Boal's Image Theatre, the focus moves towards how the experience and aspiration of the audience meets the experience and aspiration of the refugees.

(2) Social Media Voice : Recently put into place, three social media sites (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) with 3 drawings posted every day, for one year. Giving the participants their own, independent voice, without barriers of language or education whilst also used as a media outlet to sensitize the world to this crisis.


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